Geared for Growth

Today, with more than 300 locations at $365 Million annual revenue worldwide, Au Bon Pain continues to grow and innovate while working to appeal to a diverse audience and demographic.  You’ll find us at some of the most visible Corners and Crossroads, Urban Buildings, Transportation Centers, Shopping Malls, Museums, Hospital Facilities and College & University Campuses alike.

Typical Café Size 2,500 to 3,500 square feet with size flexibility including Kiosks (Remote Kitchens are sometimes used on an opportunistic basis when Café size is smaller than optimal)

Preferred Lease Term: 10 year base with 4 5-year options at a fixed rent

Condition of Premises: Premises to be delivered in “vanilla box” condition with all utilities brought to the premises per Au Bon Pain standard “work letter”. Venting is not required.

If you would like to submit a potential site in any of the above stated markets and trade channels, please contact us:

Steve Kibler
VP Real Estate (Atlanta/North Carolina/Midwest) (404) 808-8932

Gerard Buckley
VP Real Estate (Boston/NY/Philadelphia/DC/Chicago) Office: (845) 260-4208

Ed McGraw
Chief Development Officer Office: (315) 382-4773

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